Fishing in the Kaliningrad region: burbot fishing

The Kaliningrad region is considered a beautiful and promising place for fishing and active recreation. Local residents consider the region the most romantic in the entire country. The abundance of freshwater bodies of water has a great effect on the development of fishing in the region and region.

But not only freshwater bodies of water attract fishermen; the Kaliningrad region is also washed by the Baltic Sea. True, they fish not in the sea itself, but most often in its Curonian and Vistula gulfs. This opens up great potential for sea fishing enthusiasts.

A universal area that provides an opportunity for pleasure fishing for lovers of sea and freshwater fishing. Many different fish are present in both freshwater and saltwater areas.

What kind of fish is found in the Kaliningrad region

As you already understand, in the Kaliningrad region you can catch most of the inhabitants of freshwater bodies, as well as some marine fish. This is a rather interesting area, and the species composition of local reservoirs has been pleasing fishermen from all regions of the Russian Federation for many years. Most often caught here:

  • Ide;

  • Soma;
  • Ruff;
  • Carp;
  • Asp;
  • Guster;
  • Rybtsa;
  • Line;
  • crucian carp;
  • Pike;
  • Eel;
  • Burbot;
  • Smelt;
  • Perch;
  • Roach;
  • Pike perch;
  • Bream;
  • Brown trout;
  • Salmon;
  • Turbot;
  • Flounder;
  • Herring;
  • Cod.

As you can see, the species composition of fish in local reservoirs is quite rich, and this is not a complete list of fish that is found in the reservoirs of the Kaliningrad region. The list contains only those types of fish that can be bitten while fishing in the marked places on our map.

Map of fishing spots

The largest reservoirs in the region are the Neman and Pregolya rivers. There is enough fish in them, there are about 40 species in total. But fishermen are most often pleased with the bites of carp, pike perch, rudd, silver carp and bream. But there are also frequent cases of catching other fish.

Previously, local water bodies were heavily polluted by sewage, but now the situation has improved significantly. Today you can catch excellent fish on the Rzhevka, Prokhladnaya, and Matrosovka rivers.

Vishtynetskoye is considered the largest freshwater lake in the region. True, one of its banks is located on the territory of Lithuania. The beautiful, clean and deep lake will not leave fishermen indifferent. There are about 20 species of fish in the reservoir. Most often, fishermen manage to catch burbot, whitefish, vendace, roach, perch, bream and many other fish.

This body of water is known to many fishermen for the fact that they have caught giant catfish.

Now, I think it's time to talk about sea fishing. The Baltic Sea is considered a favorite fishing spot for local and visiting fishermen. Due to the large amount of river flows and precipitation, the reservoir contains a decent percentage of fresh water. Due to its location, the ichthyofauna of the reservoir is simply excellent.

Freshwater fish species often live in the bays of the sea, and marine life lives in the reservoir itself.

Please note that it is prohibited to catch salmon . And she gets hooked quite often. So, immediately after catching, it is necessary to urgently send the fish to its usual habitat. Don't break the law and become poachers.

Where to fish

Sea and bays

Baltic Sea. Sea fishing is very popular in the Kaliningrad region. The most fishing places are located near Cape Taran and in the vicinity of Baltiysk.

Curonian Spit

Curonian Lagoon. The fish that live here are divided into anadromous and freshwater. The first include smelt, which is caught in the bay in early spring and winter. Also passing through the bay are small fish, whitefish, salmon, brown trout, and lamprey.

Permanent freshwater inhabitants of the bay: pike perch, bream, asp, silver bream, crucian carp, burbot, perch, etc. The favorite places of fishermen on the bay are the village of Rybachy and bays in the Polessk and Slavsky regions (Polessk, Zalivino, Kashirskoye, Matrosovka).

Kaliningrad Bay. The water in the Kaliningrad Bay has a low degree of salinity. This leaves an imprint on the fauna of the reservoir. In the bay near the coast of the Baltic Spit they catch eel and herring coming from the sea. However, the main catch here is freshwater fish: pike perch, bream, roach, perch, sabrefish.

Places for fishing are near the Blue Lakes on the outskirts of Kaliningrad, in the vicinity of the village of Ushakovo, where the Prokhladnaya River flows into the bay, the mouth of the small Nelma River, as well as the Balga Peninsula.

Lakes and rivers

Sheshupe River. One of the most beautiful rivers in the Kaliningrad region, flowing near the Lithuanian border. In the summer they go there mainly for chub, using fly fishing and spinning when fishing, and in the spring the fish are well caught.

Deima River. Not the largest river in the region (only 37 kilometers long), but it is popular among fishermen. They fish both from the shore and from boats.

Here you can find: pike perch, pike, asp, perch, chub, catfish, roach.

Vishtynets Lake

Vishtynetskoe lake. The lake is located in the southeast of the Kaliningrad region, next to Poland and Lithuania. The lake is the largest in the region.

The water here is very clean, the fish are also fine. There are bream, carp, pike, perch and other freshwater species. Interesting fish species include Baltic whitefish, vendace, and river eel.

Neman River. The border between the Kaliningrad region and Lithuania runs along the Neman. Fishing here is subject to border restrictions, but fishing is possible.

They prefer to fish with a spinning rod for predatory fish, for example, asp. They are mainly caught within the boundaries of Sovetsk and the town of Neman.

Fishing in other regions: Leningrad and Pskov regions.

Free fishing spots in the Kaliningrad region

The large freshwater lake Vishtynetskoye often pleases fishermen. There is a sufficient number of different fish in the reservoir. Most often, fishermen manage to catch burbot, perch, roach, tench, whitefish, eel, vendace and pike. The fish here is not only varied, but there is also a lot of it and its size is quite large.

Vishtynets Lake

Lake Goluboye is considered a paradise for spinning fishing enthusiasts. Among the local inhabitants of the reservoir, fishermen most often catch large pike and medium-sized perch. But if you like fishing with a float rod, then you will like roach fishing.

Karpovskoye Lake is an excellent place for fishing. Peaceful fish are found here in sufficient quantities. Crucian carp, tench and trophy-sized carp often end up in fishing cages. And those who prefer to fish with a spinning rod can try their luck in fishing for pike, pike perch or perch.

There is also a Forest Lake in the region, in which there is a lot of small tench and crucian carp. They fish most often with a float rod, less often they use feeder or bottom gear. No cases of predatory fish being caught were recorded.

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  • In the 26th subregion of the Baltic Sea: throughout the year - Atlantic salmon (salmon) - in a water area with a belt width of 1 nautical mile from the mouths of rivers flowing into the Baltic Sea; In other water bodies of fishery importance in the Kaliningrad region (with the exception of fishing grounds provided for the organization of recreational and sport fishing): a) from April 20 to June 20 (a two-month period for the protection of spring-spawning fish species): in the coastal zone of the Curonian Lagoon at a distance 0.5 km from reed thickets, and in their absence - at the same distance from the coastline;
  • in the coastal zone of the Kaliningrad Bay at a distance of 0.5 km from the reed thickets, and when
  • absent - at a distance of 1 km from the coastline;
  • in the Kaliningrad Bay - east of the line connecting Cape Tupoy (the village of Rybachy) with the village of Vzmorye;
  • in the Kaliningrad Sea Canal - from bulk islands, from watercraft (from the city of Kaliningrad to the ship repair yard in the city of Svetly);
  • in all rivers, canals of the Polesie and Slavsk regions, with the exception of the Deyma River and the Polesie Canal, where fishing from the shore is allowed;
  • in all lakes of the Polesie and Slavsk regions that have a hydraulic connection with rivers, as well as canals and channels connecting lakes with rivers;
  • in all floodplain lakes connected with the rivers Neman, Pregolya, Deyma and the Zelenograd Canal, as well as in canals and channels connecting these lakes with rivers;
  • in the Nelma River - from the mouth to 9 km upstream;
  • in the Prokhladnaya River with its tributaries and canals;
  • in the Zelenograd Canal - to the left branch of the Zelenogradka River;
  • in all other rivers and canals flowing into bays, at a distance of 2 km from the mouths upstream;
  • in the Neman River, its tributaries and branches - with bottom fishing rods, extraction (catch) of aquatic biological resources from boats and other watercraft;
  • from October 1 to June 30 - catching crayfish;
  • from April 10 to May 31 in the Sheshupe River;
  • from April 10 to June 10 in Tikhaya Bay (Lake Vishtynetskoye), in other places - at a distance of 200 meters from the coastline;
  • spearfishing: throughout the year: in Tikhaya Bay (Lake Vishtynetskoye) along the outer boundaries of fishing squares N 51, 63
  • from April 20 to June 20 - on all other water bodies of fishing importance in the region;
  • from March 1 to April 10 - pike fishing.
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