DIY nod for a winter fishing rod
Fishing in winter differs from summer: fishing at low temperatures is tolerated
Tuning Boats: PVC, NDND, RIB, Aluminum for fishing with your own hands
Reliable and faithful assistants to a fisherman or hunter, boats of different designs and configurations can
Feeder bait
Carp fishing method. Tips for bulk bait
The correct bait for the feeder constantly causes controversy and disagreement in the fishing community. This happens due to
Unreal bait
Where to go fishing in the Voronezh region
The Voronezh region is famous for its fishing. On its territory there are about 3,000 freshwater lakes, and
Is sea bass bony or not?
Two forms of perch Experienced fishermen and ichthyologists know that in large bodies of water with rich
Burbot recipes for making burbot milk
Recipe for salting burbot caviar Burbot is a large fish, it can reach a weight of 30
TOP 10 best spoons for pike
Pike is the most popular fish for fishing. The predator is large in size, which attracts fishermen. Weight
Catching catfish with kwok - video of fishing on the Dnieper
For a real fisherman, hunting the largest predator of our waters is considered aerobatics. They catch
Goldfish catch
Tackle for catching crucian carp - rating of the best
Description and behavioral characteristics This fish has a roundish body with high sides, golden or
spinner for asp photo 11
Diamond spinner - an all-time classic
Place Name Characteristics in the ranking of TOP-5 best julesins for asp 1 RB Devon Dragonfly
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