What kind of bait does carp like?
DIY spoon for casting bait
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DIY fish bait for a super bite
Experienced fishermen know about the gastronomic fastidiousness of some fish. Today fish can literally rush at
They catch it in the thickets with a jig
Fishing with a float rod in a strong current
All novice fishermen, as a rule, begin their career with a float rod. Me too
fried cod
Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua)
Red cod or bacchus (in English the name red codling or hoka has taken root) -
Lake Ufa is a place for fisherman
deutschenglishespañolfrançaisहिन्दी Fishing forecast > Russia > Bashkortostan > Ufa district > Black Lake Find out
Girders for catching pike in winter with live bait drawings
Methods for storing live bait in winter for zherlits
The topic describes several of the most popular live baits, which are considered the best for certain qualities.
How to make ships out of paper with your own hands, with a sail. Step-by-step instruction
A ship made of bottle caps There will always be bottle caps. This is the easiest way to create crafts.
All about pike lures: 10 best lures for pike
Spoons are still the most popular bait for spinning fishing. Rotating and
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Good wobbler for chub
How to catch chub in a line
Our initial “entry” into the ranks of spinning chub fishermen happened, as they say, from scratch. There was no