Fish biting forecast in Krasnoyarsk

Grayling habitat

Grayling belongs to the salmon suborder family. The size of the bulk of grayling is 25 – 35 cm with a weight of 0.5 kg, but there are some “trophy” specimens reaching 55 cm and weighing 1.5 – 2.0 kg. A distinctive feature of grayling is its dorsal fin with 17 rays. This species prefers to live in lakes and rivers with rocky bottoms and cold, clear water.

There are 4 types of grayling in Russia:

  • Siberian;
  • Kosogolsky;
  • Mongolian;
  • ordinary.

Siberian has 4 subspecies:

  • Kamchatka;
  • Baikal;
  • Amur;
  • North Aleutian.

The food for grayling are insect larvae, crustaceans and fish fry. Spawning takes place in the spring months (mid-May), when females lay eggs on rocky soil in the amount of 3–10 thousand eggs. For habitat, grayling chooses rivers and lakes with clean water.

In Krasnoyarsk and the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Yenisei is mainly inhabited by the West Siberian subspecies with a wide dorsal fin, colored in the form of large spots with a metallic tint. Grayling rarely migrates and prefers settled, familiar habitats.

Fish migration occurs 2 times a year: in the spring, schools move up the reservoir to feed and spawn, and in the fall, with the beginning of the winter period, they return to their well-known habitats for wintering. The distance covered by grayling during migration rarely exceeds 80–100 km. In winter, grayling leads a half-asleep lifestyle, being active during thaw days and a decrease in atmospheric pressure.

The main food for grayling are: insect larvae, caddis flies, crustaceans, stoneflies, fish eggs and fry of various species.

Fishing for crucian carp in Krasnoyarsk and near the city

Video report on catching crucian carp on Minino (near Krasnoyarsk):

The most common type of fishing is crucian carp fishing. This fish is found in almost all bodies of water, so both beginners and professional fishermen catch it. In this material we will look at the features of crucian carp fishing in Krasnoyarsk and its nearby suburbs.

All you need is to arm yourself with a regular float fishing rod, dig up worms right on the shore of the reservoir and stock up on bait - bread soaked in water, which is mixed with soil.

From my own experience, I can say that when fishing, the most ordinary spinning telescope and a spinning reel are useful. It is also worth taking with you a pair of hooks, a main braid of 0.2 mm, a leading line of 0.25 mm and 0.10 mm, as well as sinkers and a float.

Once I was fully equipped, it was time to choose a fishing spot. Google maps and Yandex help me - all bodies of water around Krasnoyarsk, from large lakes to small dams, were found. What's next? Further trips and fishing experiments.

First lake

, which I visited, is located almost within the city (see here) it is located at the 14th kilometer along the Yenisei highway. Fishing for crucian carp here lasted about an hour - from 9.00 to 10.00 in the morning. The weather was quite hot. The result is 12 fish, albeit small ones.

The next trip was devoted to exploring the Meat Processing Plant lake. This reservoir is also located in Krasnoyarsk (you can get there by public transport). And it was here that I caught the largest crucian carp. The active bite lasted from 5.00 to 11.00, then the decline began. The weather was also hot that day.

Next, I went to the lake, which is located in the village of Minino (see here), it is located not far from the Meat Processing Plant. Here the conditions were completely different. Cloudy weather, weak bite, by 11.00 it started to rain. I had already started collecting gear, when suddenly the float came to life, and actively. While we ran up to the fishing rod, the crucian carp came off. But then the bite began, and what a bite! Watch the video and see for yourself.

What conclusions can be drawn from all this? There will be crucian carp fishing in Krasnoyarsk! There is fish in local reservoirs, and there is a lot of it. True, I don’t know what its taste is, since the crucian carp was either released or given to fellow fishermen on the shore.

Want to track down fishing spots for Carp?

All you need, using a tablet or smartphone, go to the “Fishing” section, select the type of fish “Crucian carp”, set the region to Krasnoyarsk Territory or another region and explore the options presented. A shorter way is to follow this link.

Dear fellow fishermen! If you know places to catch crucian carp that are not on the list we have prepared, share the information in the profile group or directly on our website. We will be glad to receive information about fishing spots in the Krasnoyarsk Territory and throughout Siberia.


Grayling in Krasnoyarsk begins to show particular biting activity after spawning, when the water becomes clearer after high water and visibility improves with the opportunity to hunt. The activity of grayling is used by most fishermen, using spinners (rotating) and flies as equipment.

On the Yenisei, special equipment is traditionally used for grayling fishing:

  • float tackle;
  • bullshit;
  • Tyrolean stick.

Grayling fishing is done using an artificial bait - a fly:

  • “White with lurex”;
  • "Tri-flowered spandex";
  • "Orange braids."
  • sets of flies “Spring – 1”, “Spring – 2”, “Spring – 3”.

Cambric and Tyrolean are very popular among Krasnoyarsk fishermen, which are comfortable, effective and easy to use. Float tackle, which is characterized by its versatility and the ability to catch other types of fish, remains very popular. A certain part of fishermen prefers to use a balda, a tackle that requires special fishing skills.

Many fishermen experiment with the selection of bait, which should be as similar as possible to a fry or insect.

When using a boat or a spinning rod equipped with a float-weight for grayling fishing and used as bait with a fly that imitates the behavior of a caddisfly, an excellent result is achieved. You can buy a fly or make it yourself.

Dry flies treated with a water-repellent composition can also be used as bait, which allows them to remain on the surface of the water when retrieved.

Wet flies typically mimic the larvae of a variety of insects, worms, leeches and beetles. Tackle used for fishing for grayling is equipped with flies with hooks No. 4 - 7. To attract fish, flies are painted black, brown, gray or red, imitating the color of insects. The best flies are made from the feathers of roosters and other birds.

When completing gear, an additional leash 5–10 cm long is often used. Top flies are most effective when fishing for grayling in Krasnoyarsk in the summer or autumn. If the fish remains on the bottom and does not respond to the bait, then the fly is replaced with a model from the group of streamers or nymphs.

The bait is selected by weight, taking into account the speed of the current and depth, which allows it to be carried above the surface of the bottom of the reservoir.

When fishing with a fly, it is important to use the right tactics, which depend on the weather and time of year. It is important to understand where grayling feed when fishing on the surface of the water or at depth. In accordance with this, the correct bait is selected and the appropriate wiring is carried out.

Catching grayling with a spoon in Krasnoyarsk

Rotating spoons of small size, having a varied color of the core and petal, have proven themselves well when fishing for grayling. The best results are achieved when using petals that are colored in the form of bright spots and dots.

For fishing in Krasnoyarsk, it is better to use spinners with the following characteristics:

  • accessibility during fishing;
  • possibility of use in various conditions;
  • wide range of equipment models offered;
  • moderate cost of equipment;
  • correct response to fish bites;
  • natural imitation of insect behavior when moving in a pond;
  • high strength and durability during operation;
  • highly attractive to fish due to its bright coloring and rotation simulating the activity during retrieving.

The best period for fishing in Krasnoyarsk for grayling in the autumn is considered to be September - October, although fishing can be carried out throughout the year with a short break. In autumn, there is a significant drop in the water level due to which the riffles of reservoirs and deep holes are exposed, which makes it possible to monitor the movement of fish.

Of particular note are the spinners produced by well-known companies producing equipment for grayling fishing:

Spinner Aglia Long

  1. Aglia Long No. 00 and Aglia No. 00 from Mepps, which are designed for catching fish weighing 0.15 - 0.3 kg. This type of spinner quickly reacts to the retrieve, creating slight resistance with the rotation of the bait, attracting fish. Good results are achieved by moving the bait along the river. When casting, the spoon is positioned just below the upper water level, which allows it to avoid touching bottom vegetation while simultaneously attracting fish.
  2. Blue Spark is a universal tackle that is used for fishing depending on the reservoir and time of year. The company offers models painted in colors from black to bright red in various combinations.
  3. Lukris Spark – rotating spoons designed for fishing for grayling in fast river currents. Due to the elongated petal, the spinner is deflected when moving. Depending on the speed of the current, the spoon dives to a depth of 2 to 3 meters.
  4. Panther Martin is a lure belonging to the “In-Line” group, with a miniature size, which allows long casts while fishing. The coloring of the models is predominantly from silver-blue to golden-orange in combination with artificial scales applied to the core of the spoon, which creates bright highlights when retrieved, attracting fish.
  5. Aglia No. 2 from Mapps is one of the most common and popular spinners. Allows you to achieve excellent fishing results with the ability to retrieve at different speeds. The color of the spoon is silver with red side stripes, which attract grayling.
  6. Heints is a bait that reacts to any movement of water by vigorous rotation. Color: silver or copper color.

When using spinners for grayling fishing in Krasnoyarsk, you also need to choose the right equipment:

  • Requirement for a fishing rod : a telescopic rod with a length of 1.8 – 2.4 m, preferably of the “Light” class, with good sensitivity and elasticity.
  • The reel is an inertia-free, lightweight reel made of metal with a line reverse stop mechanism.
  • As a fishing line, it is better to use a thin thread of 0.12 - 0.16 mm with a total length of 30 m.
  • Hooks must be barbless and sharp.

To catch grayling, various bait placement options are used:

  1. Wiring is carried out against the current, winding the line at a slow pace with periodic stops;
  2. The bait is cast across the reservoir with the bait being drawn diagonally;
  3. The bait is thrown against the current. The bait moves due to the energy of the current.

It is also necessary to take into account the characteristics of the Krasnoyarsk reservoir in which fishing is carried out. If grayling swims head up when hunting, then the bait is thrown into the upper layer of water with the ability to move with the flow. The spoon should move, moving slowly, creating the appearance of natural live bait.

At the point where the river flows into the lake, a spoon is thrown and slowly moved diagonally. The boundary between the fast flowing river and the slow, stagnant waters of the lake is considered the favorite habitat of grayling.

Grayling feeding grounds in Krasnoyarsk are also coastal waters near rocks, where various crustaceans, leeches, and larvae live, which are excellent food. In this case, the best option for fishing for grayling is fishing from a boat with casting towards the shore and slow retrieval with periodic pauses.

Where can you go fishing near Krasnoyarsk?

Fishing enthusiasts living in Krasnoyarsk have the opportunity to periodically go grayling fishing to the surrounding areas near Krasnoyarsk.

The most popular fishing spots near Krasnoyarsk are:

  1. Mana Pond. In order to get to the fishing area, you need to use the train, which takes you to the village of Ust-Mana and then walks to the river.
  2. Pond Kan. For transport we use a shuttle bus departing from the bus station to the village of Kononovo and further to the Kana River.
  3. Reservoir Esaulovka. We take a bus to the village of Sosnovoborsk and then to the village of Terentyevo and walk to the Esaulovka River.
  4. Reservoir Big Kemchug. For transport, you can use the train or bus, which will take you to the village of Kemchug and then to the river bank.
  5. Small river Maly Kemchug. We get there by bus, which takes us to the Cheremshanka airport and then on foot to the reservoir.
  6. Two rivers Malaya and Bolshaya Vesnina. By bus departing from the bus station, we get to the village of Kononovo, then along the Yenisei we get to the Malaya or Bolshaya Vesnina reservoirs.

Grayling on the Yenisei in Krasnoyarsk

If you have a time limit, you can organize fishing directly within the city of Krasnoyarsk.

The most popular fishing spots in Krasnoyarsk are:

  1. Reservoir of Kacha. The river bank from the village of Solontsy up the river;
  2. Yenisei reservoir. Coastal strip from the village of Borovoe and further to the Communal Bridge;
  3. Coast of the Bazaikha River.

Places for grayling fishing in Ermolaevo

The village of Ermolaevo (Berezovsky district) is located on the right bank of the Yenisei River, 47 km from the regional center of Krasnoyarsk.

Amateur fishing is carried out on the basis of a purchased voucher costing 211 rubles. for 1 person (20% discount for pensioners). Fishing is carried out in special sections of the Yenisei and Kan rivers flowing through the territory of the Berezovsky, Bolshemurtinsky and Sukhobuzimsky districts of the region.

Fishing areas are regularly stocked with juveniles raised at the Beloyarsk and Norilsk fish factories, which allows maintaining the species and number of fish. The areas are strictly demarcated and marked with warning signs.

If you have a voucher, fishing for grayling is allowed in the suburban areas of Krasnoyarsk:

  1. In the Berezovsky district on the Yenisei River from 60 to 64 km;
  2. In the Sukhobuzimsky district on the Yenisei River from 114 to 134 km;
  3. In the Bolshemurtinsky district on the Yenisei River from 154 to 171 km;
  4. In the Sukhobuzimsky district on the Kan River from 0 to 18 km.

For most anglers, relaxation combined with the excitement of fishing is an excellent boost for vigor and vitality and helps improve health.

Fish biting forecast in Krasnoyarsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory

Weather forecast and fish biteKrasnoyarsk, from 02/16/2021 to 02/19/2021
Times of DayDayEveningNightMorningDayEveningNightMorningDayEveningNightMorning
Cloudiness, precipitationPartly cloudy Mainly cloudy light snow light snow light snow Mainly cloudy Mainly cloudy Mainly cloudy Mainly cloudy Mainly cloudy light snow light snow
Temperature °C0-1-2-2-1-12-15-15-14-16-17-16
Pressure, mm.760761759758759765768768769768762757
Direction, Wind southwest Wind southwest Wind southwest West wind West wind West wind Wind southwest Wind southwest West wind North wind Wind northeast East wind
wind speed3 m/s4 m/s1 m/s3 m/s7 m/s3 m/s2 m/s3 m/s4 m/s0 m/s2 m/s2 m/s
According to the forecast, they will bite on: bloodworms

crucian carp

According to the forecast, they will bite on: bloodworms


According to the forecast it doesn't bite

Silver carp

According to the forecast it doesn't bite


According to the forecast, the fish will bite on: live bait (jigs), winter spinners, balancers


According to the forecast, they will bite on: bloodworms, winter spoons, balance beams


According to the forecast, the fish will bite on: live bait, winter spinners, balancer


According to the forecast, they will bite on: bloodworms, maggots, bark beetles, burdocks


According to the forecast, they will bite on: bloodworms, maggots, bark beetles, burdocks


According to the forecast, the fish will bite on: bloodworms, spoons, balance beams


According to the forecast, they will bite on: bloodworms, maggots, bark beetles, burdocks


According to the forecast, they will bite on: bloodworms, oparish, spinners


Doesn't bite


According to the forecast, they will bite on: maggot, bloodworm


Bait: maggot, bloodworm


Bait: worm, live bait, spinner


Bait: maggot, bloodworm


Bait: maggot, bloodworm


Bait: maggot, bloodworm, bark beetle


Bait: no



Meanings of symbols and colors of the bite forecast table

No fish biting
The fish bite is very bad
The bite is bad
Very good
Probability of a bite in % (from 0 to 100)
( 1 rating, average 4 out of 5 )
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