How to choose a Bologna rod and equip it for different fishing conditions

Volzhanka Rapier

Cost - from 2,863 rubles.

Unlike the previous place in the review of Bolognese fishing rods, the “Rapier” is much more delicate and, as a result, is designed for fish up to 3 kg in weight. It is quite versatile, the action is medium, the weight is light - from 122 g. It is perfect for beginner fishermen due to its good casting range - it will make it easier to master different fishing styles.

How to choose a Bolognese fishing rod

To choose a good lap dog for your fishing conditions, you need to pay attention to 5 main points.

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Inexpensive Bolognese fishing rods are made of composite. The advantages of this material, in addition to price, are strength and resistance to mechanical stress. A composite rod is quite difficult to break, and it can serve its owner for years and decades, firmly enduring all the trials during transportation and lap-dog fishing itself.

The best Bolognese fishing rods in the middle and high price segment are made of graphite (carbon). The advantages of this material are lightness and rigidity. Graphite fishing rods are convenient to fish due to their light weight, and also because they are not as flimsy as composite ones. But carbon lap dogs require careful handling.

The most versatile option is lapdogs 5.5-6 m long. Shorter rods are well suited for fishing in small bodies of water, as well as for catching small fish in bodies of water of any size. Accordingly, lapdogs 7-8 m long are primarily gear for large rivers and lakes and large fish.

Universal Bolognese rods have a test weight of up to 20-25 g. Such gear is well suited for fishing in most situations. Rods with higher tests can be used either if long casts are needed, which require heavy equipment, or if more delicate equipment is not within the chosen budget. Bolonki with an upper dough limit of less than 20 g are a good option for those who use thin equipment with small diameter fishing lines.

The best Bolognese fishing rods, which are not cheap, have minimal weight, but not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on such tackle. As stated above, they are made of graphite, while composite is heavier. If we are talking about rods made of the same material at the same price, a lighter rod will be more convenient, but less durable. Which option to choose - lighter or stronger tackle - depends on personal preferences.

The best Bolognese fishing rods

An inexpensive Bolognese fishing rod made of fiberglass, which is perfect for beginners and those who are not ready to spend a lot of money on tackle. With a length of 6 m, it consists of 6 sections and weighs 350 g. The size of this lapdog when folded is 1.24 m. This is a heavy class rod: the recommended weight range for the equipment used (test) is from 15 to 50 g. A protective case is included in the package .

Bolognese fishing rod rating of popular manufacturers

The blank is lightweight, the Atemi Classix Bolognese weighs noticeably less than many other fiberglass lap boats and does not tire you out so much during fishing. The rings are also lightweight, with high legs. The handle has an anti-slip coating, which makes fishing much more convenient. The reel seat is fast-acting (clip up type).

The rod, including its tip, is quite durable. This tackle will withstand blows, and fishing for fish of any size, and the fishing line overlapping the tulip. Modern design and pleasant appearance complete the picture. Thanks to its many advantages, the Atemi Classix Bolognese can be called one of the best Bolognese fishing rods in the budget segment.

The price of this fishing rod is from 1100 rubles.

Bolognese fishing rod from an Italian manufacturer that makes tackle in the best traditions of modern sport fishing. The blank of this tackle is made of lightweight graphite fiber, which contains a minimum of binder. The fishing rod weighs a little and at the same time has a good “knitting” action. Thanks to this, it is convenient for her to catch, and fishing brings a minimum of difficulties.

With a length of 6 m, it weighs 400 g. The transport length is 123 cm. This rod consists of 6 legs and is equipped with 7 guide rings. 6 of them are located at the ends of each section and one more - “floating” unloading - is located on the last knee in front of the tulip. The series also includes rods with a length of 4 and 5 m, which weigh 188 and 294 g.

The 5-25 g test is the most popular rod power option. This tackle is suitable for catching almost any fish with a lapdog in any situation. The power of the blank is enough to work with heavy equipment in strong river currents without the risk of overloading the rod. The reel seat is from Fuji, Clip Up type.

Price – from 1100 rubles.

Trabucco rods are not so well known to our anglers. They are popular among athletes. But in the company’s lineup there are also budget fishing rods that are worth paying attention to.

Trabucco Fishing Diffusion is one of the largest Italian manufacturers of tackle, equipment and equipment for fishing. The company was founded by Roberto Trabucco, a sports fisherman and six-time world fishing champion. His vast experience and knowledge allowed him to create a successful manufacturer of high-quality fishing tackle.

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The Trabucco Revenge WRC Bolo is a composite rod designed for beginners. A reliable, fairly light and at the same time rigid stick with an excellent price-quality ratio.

When folded, this lap dog is more compact than most competitors. Thus, the transport length of a 6-meter rod, consisting of 6 sections, is only 115 cm.

Trabucco Revenge WRC Bolo costs from 1300 rubles

Volzhanka Rapier

An inexpensive wire rod from a Russian manufacturer, which is known to anglers primarily for its feeders. The blank is made from a mixture of high modulus glass fiber HMG 45 and graphite fiber IM6.

The fishing rod looks very delicate due to the fact that all its knees, starting from the butt, have a very small diameter. At the same time, this is a powerful tackle that, together with a good reel, will allow you to confidently fight with fish up to three kilograms, and, if necessary, cope with a trophy of any size.

With a length of 6 m, it weighs 402 grams. It consists of 6 sections, the transport length is 130 cm. The test of this rod is up to 25 g. In general, the series also includes rods with lengths of 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 meters, which weigh 208, 282, 534 and 894 grams, respectively. Thus, the line includes all the most popular sizes of lap dogs.

The blank has a medium-fast action and is characterized by high rigidity. Thanks to this, even with an eight-meter rod you can very accurately move the equipment to the fishing spot with one movement of the hand and make a good sharp hook.

The blank has lightweight guides with SiC inserts and a quick-action Clip Up reel seat. This lapdog comes with a hard case for the rings and a soft case for the rod.

Volzhanka Rapier costs from 1300 rubles

One of the best Bolognese fishing rods in the budget price segment, a reliable and time-tested workhorse that will be an excellent choice for your money. The blank is made of IMX8 graphite. This fishing rod has a fast action and light weight. It is tough and durable, there is no doubt about its reliability and durability. T-REX Bolognese provides fast sharp hooks and at the same time hooks fish well when playing.

With a length of 6 m, this lapdog weighs 395 g, length when folded is 135 cm. Test 5-25 g. Butt diameter is 26 mm. This fishing rod is very versatile; it will be a good choice for fishing on medium and large rivers, but is also suitable for small bodies of water. This tackle consists of 6 legs. The form is equipped with 6 stationary guide rings on high legs with silicon carbide inserts and two “floating” discharge rings located on the last section.

The series also has shorter fishing rods - 4, 4.5 and 5 m. They weigh 200, 265 and 295 g, respectively. These lapdogs will be the best choice for fishing on small and medium-sized rivers and for catching small fish.

In the butt of the rods there is a foam rubber cone that secures the knees when the rod is folded. The lap dogs of this series come with a protective cap for the guide rings and a nylon case.

Price Mikado T-REX Bolognese – from 2000 rubles.

One of the best Bolognese rods from probably the most famous fishing tackle manufacturer with an excellent reputation. Shimano fishing rods are popular among both beginners and advanced fishermen due to their excellent quality. And the Alivio CX TE GT 5 lap dog is no exception.

Bolognese fishing rod rating of popular manufacturers

With a length of 3.9 m, the rod weighs 200 g, 4.9 m - 276 g, 6 m - 354 g. The test of all these sticks is 4-20 g. Thus, this is a very versatile tackle that is perfect for catching small fish under the shore, and for fishing with long casting. It meets the needs of most fishermen. The longest fishing rod in the range is 1.38 m long when folded.

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The blank is made of XT30 graphite. It is reinforced with Geofibre fibers. This technology, which Shimano actively uses in the production of gear for different types of fishing, allows us to produce rods with a very good ratio of weight, strength and sensitivity. The blank contains Shimano Hardlite guides, which ensure easy line release from the reel. The reel seat is also made by Shimano.

The optimal test range, which is suitable for fishing in almost any conditions, strength, lightness, discreet, but stylish and pleasant appearance - this Bolognese rod has everything to make it popular among anglers.

Price Shimano Alivio CX TE GT – from 4000 rubles.

A high-class Bolognese fishing rod designed for advanced fishermen and athletes. Of course, nothing prevents amateurs from using it, but you need to know how to handle such equipment. The blank is made of high modulus IMX9 graphite.

It is very rigid and light, allows you to make sharp and fast cuts. But at the same time, the Temptation Bolognese, like all high-quality high modulus graphite fishing rods, is quite fragile. It does not withstand shocks well during transportation. It is also necessary to handle it carefully while fishing. If you are not careful, such tackle can be broken quite easily - this is a very important point, which is often not obvious to beginners.

Bolognese fishing rod rating of popular manufacturers

With a length of 7 m it weighs 445 g, 8 m - 530 g. Transport length - 146-147 cm. The form is equipped with the lightest guide rings with SiC inserts on high legs.

This lapdog is best suited for fishing on small and medium-sized rivers with slow or moderate currents. Test - from 0 to 15 g. There is no need to use heavier weights for line fishing. Also, using a 15-gram rig, you can make fairly long casts.

Price Mikado Temptation Bolognese – from 7,000 rubles.

Black Hole first introduced the Atomic series of fly rods to the market. They have proven themselves well, being liked by both amateurs and professionals, so it was decided to supplement the lineup with Bolognese fishing rods of the same brand.

The model range includes all the most popular rod lengths: 4, 5, 6 and 7 m. They weigh 134, 174, 235 and 280 g, respectively. Thus, the Atomic Bolo is a very light lapdog that will please its owner because he can fish she will be comfortable and will experience almost no fatigue or discomfort.

This low weight is due to the use of SVF graphite as the main material for the manufacture of forms. The rods of this line are also equipped with lightweight guides on high legs. When designing this series of lap dogs, Black Hole engineers did not skimp on their quantity.

For example, on a 7 m long tackle there are as many as ten access rings. 7 of them are stationary, they stand at the end of each knee. Also, 2 additional floating access rings are installed on the last section and 1 more on the penultimate section. They ensure optimal load distribution on the end bends. The picture is completed with a modern, technologically advanced Clip Up reel seat.

Price Black Hole Atomic Bolo – from 7000 rubles

Sabaneev Foton Bolo

A universal high-class Bolognese fishing rod. This is a fast action fishing rod. The blank is very hard, with a soft tip. This is the optimal configuration for fishing in almost any conditions. Only the upper part of the rod works, and the blank does not move. When fishing with such a stick, it is very easy to clearly control the equipment, including in windy weather, as well as make quick hooks and control the fish while playing.

The rods in this series are very well balanced. They are excellent at casting, as well as guiding and landing fish. Foton Bolo lap dogs also have a high safety margin. This allows you to confidently handle trophies of any size. The weight of the poles is also pleasing. Thus, with a length of 7 m, the rod weighs only 340 g. Foton Bolo fishing rods are designed for fishing with equipment weighing up to 20 g.

What should be the “correct” lap dog? View from the bell tower of the Fisherman's Shop

When the phrase “telescopic fishing rod” is mentioned, old-timers will probably remember “Cascades” and other Soviet fiberglass fishing rods. The younger generation will probably talk about Chinese “glass” fishing rods with a bright red or orange top, which gained popularity already in the nineties. Modern rods for Bolognese fishing differ from them a little more than completely - the merit of such differences lies, in many respects, in the radically changed production culture, the abundance of materials that ten years ago were used exclusively in the aerospace industry. Experienced floaters, involved by manufacturers in creating gear and determining their technical characteristics, also played a role.

Those fishermen who decide to buy a Bolognese fishing rod, but cannot decide on the exact characteristics, should pay attention to:

  • Form material. The best Bolognese fishing rods are made from high modulus carbon fiber. They are light in weight, have the correct structure and perfectly work out every movement of the hooked fish;
  • The length of the form is selected based on the conditions in which the fishing takes place. If the main body of water is small, abundantly overgrown rivers, you should select a fishing rod 4-5 meters long. Otherwise, 6-7 meter tackle is preferable;
  • The guide rings should have a lightweight silicon carbide insert and have tall, long legs. The latter are especially important when fishing in damp and humid weather; it is thanks to them that the fishing line does not stick to the rod blank;
  • The reel seat should provide reliable fixation of the spinning or wire reel and not cause discomfort during fishing.

One cannot fail to note such an important parameter as the rod test. By analogy with other types of fishing gear, the test means the minimum and maximum weight of equipment recommended for use. The power of the rod and the suitability of its use in certain conditions depend on this parameter. In addition, some manufacturers (for example, Shimano) indicate the power class of the rod as an additional parameter, which can be used as a guide when choosing gear for a particular fishing method.

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